TCS Webmail Login on Mobile Using Citrix Reciever App

TCS Webmail is a mailing service, which has been developed by Tata Consultancy Services for its employees all over the world. With the help of the webmail TCS, the company has brought all its employees under one platform. But, it is difficult to access webmail outside their systems. So, we have found an easy way for you to check your emails on your personal mobile and computer.

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How do you Log In to TCS Webmail?

Tata consultancy services have shifted their web-mail into VPN. This means that the web-mail can only be accessed by employees within the office premises. This system comes with its own pros and cons.

The idea behind it was that employees should not be working beyond office hours, but the drawback being, you will not be informed of an important meeting or work schedule unless you’re in office.

webmail tcs login

You can access web-mail through the Citrix app which is available on the App Store and Play store. The Citrix workspace combines the physical and digital environment to provide applications and data within a secure smart space. This increases overall space and stability. it provides virtual desktops and applications.

With the help of this Citrix Workspace App, any employee can easily view, review, modify and interrelate with the overall features of windows documents, application, and information, just like it would have been on your PC.

Few Simple Steps are as Follows

  1. Install Citrix receiver first (without this nothing will be possible).
  2. Open Netscaler Gateway. (this is the new official sign-in page for TCS)
  3. With the help of your ultimate credentials, you will have to log in.
  4. This will take you to the Citrix receiver app.
  5. Now you will have to select lotus webmail which will take you to TCS webmail.
  6. Here you will be required to enter you employeeID and password to access any email on android or IOS.
citrix receiver app

This will help you view TCS email, outside TATA consultancy services. The drawbacks of this system are:

● Mails, older than 3 days will not be visible
● Does not work on a windows phone

Earlier employees were able to access work-related emails from This was the official web address of emails of Tata consultancy services. However, the employee has shifted the user interface for a much better experience for its employees.

This partnership of TCS with Citrix will provide you with a flawless performance with a quicker way to access the emails with the help of Netscaler Gateway which is just a click away.

Note – The TCS Ultimatix is a relatively associated global leader with TCS. it provides services in business as well as digital solutions. Their company performance is highly dependant of certainty, satisfaction, the global network for innovation as well as delivery centers.

TCS Webx

WebEx is a company which provides on-demand collaboration, online meetings, web conferencing, etc. It has various products which include Meeting Center, web office, WebEx, Web office and many more.

WebEx collaborates with various companies and provides life-changing customer experiences. TCS Webex allows the employee to attend meetings from anywhere, even at the comfort of your home on a sick leave day.

This program has helped connect many employees all around the world. To get in touch with a colleague sitting halfway across the world or video conferencing or even web meetings are a great way to remain connected with work from anywhere in the world.

The creator of the meeting will share the meeting ID and anyone with that meeting ID will be able to access and participate in the meeting from wherever they are.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. How do I access my TCS Webmail login in Outlook?

A2. In the case of Outlook mail, you have to install “Citrix receiver” from Google Play Store. Then open TCS webmail and you will have to log in to “download a file” and open it using the receiver. In case you want to access from outside, you will have to go to webmail TCS login and from there use your employee credentials.

Q2. What type of account is web-mail?

A2. It is based on your email address.

Q3. What is the difference between email and webmail?  

A3. Both are used to send and receive emails. With webmail, your email is backed up to your server and will have access to it, even if your computer crashes.

About TCS

TATA consultancy services is an Indian multinational IT company which provides various services in a wide range of industries. It is the highest valued IT company in the whole world and a top Indian company as well.

They have always taken good care of their customers as well as employees. Checking mail on the go is convenient, quick and very model incorporating this into their company and partnering with TCS Web-Ex is a great step ahead. Keeping in mind every generation of people, they have kept the interface very easy.

Wrap Up

TCS has always been known for its unusual thinking and unique approach to problems. This approach of TCS webmail has not been implemented by many in India. TCS Webmail login has been done for the benefit of the modern world work experience. TCS will continue to remain one of the biggest trendsetters with such steps. We all will be waiting to see what new features and steps they can come up with in the future.